It's been a long time since Xiaomi released something significant here in the country. In their latest Facebook post, they announced that they're putting their website down for maintenance and I'm speculating that it could me more than just a regular website update.

Xiaomi's Website Down For Maintenance, Do This Mean That They're Updating Their Product List Too?
Xiaomi's Website Down For Upgrade
As a web developer too, I believe that there's no need to put a website that long unless you're going to do something really major or your server is down. I'm really thinking that the company is going to release their new lineup of devices. As a matter of fact, they've been posting several teasers already on their Facebook page about eggs. It could symbolize an egg that's will hatch very soon. They also answered one question there that states "Y u no sell new ones" with an answer of "Y u no wait for the other eggs". So that other eggs could be the new Redmi 2, Mi Note and Mi Note Pro!

Hopefully, that's really the case as they might lose their ground here in the country if they keep on delaying the release of their products.


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