Last year the iPhone 6 Plus suffered a huge scandal called the bend gate. This year a company called SquareTrade tested the new Galaxy S6 Edge, the HTC One M9 and the iPhone 6 Plus to compare how they perform under pressure using the "BendBots".

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Suffers From Bendgate Too And The New Crackgate!
The Galaxy S6 Edge
First they tested the iPhone 6 Plus and it bends at 110 pounds of pressure, which sometimes may be enough to break your device when you sit with your phone is placed on your back pocket. Then they tested the HTC One M9 and it performed better at 120 pounds, however it didn't work anymore after the test. Lastly, they tested the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it bends at 110 pounds of pressure just like with the iPhone 6 Plus. Unfortunately, it didn't only bend, but the glass also cracked and nearly shattered!

The new #Crackgate

It is good that a number of videos online showing how durable the Galaxy S6 Edge when it comes to the drop test however, it didn't fare very well with the bend test. So if you're eyeing the ultra powerful Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you should not place it on your back pocket you should buy a case for added protection.
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