Starmobile posted something on their Facebook page that really caught my interest as an audio enthusiast. They now have a "Hi-Fi" Bluetooth in ear monitor with NFC in their line up of accessories and it's just priced at a very low price of PHP 1,490!

Starmobile Bluetooth IEM with  NFC
Aside from the NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, the Starmobile Bluetooth Earphone also boast a sweat proof design and an aluminum finish. All of that feat is ultra rare for an IEM in this price range.

While I have high hopes on this product and it is actually refreshing to see a local brand that finally wants to provide better audio quality on their earphones. There are only 2 Bluetooth in ear monitors that I've heard that falls under the category of Hi-Fi for my ears, the Jaybird Bluebuds X and the Sony SBH 80. That makes me still doubt if this really can provide Hi-Fi audio on this price point as even most wired in ear monitors under 1,500 pesos are having a tough time achieving that feat. 

A game changer in the local mobile audio scene?

Personally, I've been asking most mobile brands that I get a chance to talk with to came up with something like this. That's why it's great that a brand that I have yet to get in touch with was able to do it first! Kudos to Starmobile and I hope that this sounds really good to educate more people on what good audio quality should sound like. Hopefully, this is the start of us seeing good in ear monitors from our local brands.

I can't wait to hear this in person very very soon and compare it against the Bluebuds X. :)


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