Octa Core devices is a norm these days which is so 2014, MediaTek is planning to break the 70,000 barrier on Antutu benchmark with a 10 core Helio X20 SoC! If that's the case they'll be able to top their own over 50K benchmark and Samsung's 69K score!

MediaTek Helio
The next gen of mobile computing?

Move over octa core devices. We are speculating that this would be a very powerful 64 bit processor with LTE that would cost low compared to Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC's. If that's the case the fight for the best smartphone SoC's is getting tighter. If people before are belittling MediaTek processors look at them again today. :)

Now I'm wishing that we could see this very soon with budget flagships that will come out soon! There's still no hint on who's the first one to get this processor, but I'm very excited whoever is it. We'll definitely look forward to this development as it will only make things better in the mobile world scene.


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