Good Morning and good news! There are tons of stocks of the value packed TTPOD T1-E in the Philippines right now! Sir Rome Mercado of and Techshop Audiophile both retails the unit for just PHP 1,700!

Finally! The Outstanding TTPOD T1-E Now In The Philippines For Just PHP 1,700!
Meet the TTPOD T1-E, photo credits to the owner
For those who missed it, TTPOD T1-E is a dual driver in ear monitor with great build quality, eye catching design and serious sound quality that can match up other earphones way above its asking price. Some are even stating that they actually prefer this over some value packed IEMS such as the VSonic GR07 which cost around PHP 7.5K! It is that good and cheap.

Stocks of Sir Rome: Available in ash grey and clear colors
Some Features of the TTPOD T1-E

  • Conducted on the basis of T1 perfectly balanced version optimized for the preparation of more popular genre with the big tracks IF warmer, deeper distant low-frequency sound field more ambitious
  • Unit optimization:Coil diameter increased by 6.8%, double the number to four winding wound, IF fuller, more powerful low frequency
  • Diaphragm optimization: The latest generation of the German original biological membrane, sound density stronger, more adequate amount of information
  • High-quality synthetic material housing: Lightweight high-strength, durable, comfortable to wear
  • 6 times harsh test: The difference between left and right channels is less than 1DB, top international quality standard headset


  • Wearing styles: ear 
  • Headphone Type: Wired 
  • Whether the microphone: No 
  • Plug Diameter: 3.5mm 
  • Headphone plug type: straight type 
  • Driver:2*6.2mm (unilateral)
  • Frequency range:8Hz-26KHz
  • Sensitivity:104db at 1KHz/mW
  • Impedance: 12ohms
  • Cable: 18 core 0.05mm OFC silver plated cable
  • Cable length:1.3m
  • Connector:3.5mm gold-plated Plug

Packing lists

  • TTPOD T1-E earphone
  • 9 sites of eartips (S/M/L Like the picture shows)
  • A Carrying bag

Personally, I've seen it in person and tried it for a short while and was very impressed with it and it has tons of positive reviews. That's why I'm now so glad that somebody retails it here in the country as I'm sure this can educate a lot of people on how a good sounding IEM should sound like without breaking your bank account.

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