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Whether you are feeling bored or not, you must try out a lot of things to discover & experience summer. It's the perfect season to go out and head straight to the beach, but besides staying on it, there are other things to try out - having new adventures, meeting new people or to learning new things. Here are our top 5 lists of things to do:

1. Foodtrip! Rediscover new & classic Filipino Dishes

5 Things to do this summer | Geeky Pinas
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Who doesn't love food? Well, we all like eating especially this summer, no diet-diet? Who needs a beach bod anyway, when you can indulge yourself to a lot of food this summer! Especially beating the heat with a delicious Halo-halo, ice cream or just plainly looking out for some special dishes like the crunchy sisig in Pampanga or Laing Cordon Blue in Bicol. If you want something near the city, which is best enjoyed with friends, you can go to Maginhawa St. in Quezon City & in Kapitolyo, Pasig which are among the go-to places when it comes to food trips.

2. Learn a new hobby

5 Things to do this summer | Geeky Pinas
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Is there something that you really want to learn? Now is the time to learn that! Summer might provide the free time you need to pick up something new. Here are some of our suggestions:
- Learn to draw, sketch or paint - bring out your inner artist
- Photography - capture special moments
- Singing & dancing
- Learning new instruments like piano, guitars or drums

3. Join an internship program

Why not try taking on a different kind of adventure this summer? Make it more productive by joining an internship program. There’s never a bad time to think about the future, so start building a career as early as now. There are tons of on-the-job training opportunities which can help you explore different careers in various industries. INKOMPASS offers a paid internship - P26,000, personalized program that will help them acquire real skills for the real world program that's specifically for sophomore students. If you’re competitive, driven, and keen on pursuing a successful career, this just might be the "break" you’re looking for. Check out the program at https://www.inkompass.global.
5 Things to do this summer | Geeky Pinas
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4. Play a sport or try a new one

5 Things to do this summer | Geeky Pinas
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Why not play your favorite sport this summer or try out a new one? It is best to come out and play to enjoy the sun which something a little hard to do outdoors during rainy season. Be it your favorite basketball, volleyball, football or perhaps trying out other sports like bicycling, bowling, ice skating, etc. You see, there are a lot of sports out there to try but it is best if you can play with friends as it will double the fun and enjoyment of these activities, besides you can also meet new people too.

5. Travel & Discover new places

5 Things to do this summer | Geeky Pinas
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Hey, there's a lot of places to discover and travel into specially this summer. This is the only time you can do whatever you want or travelling to places without worrying about the weather. Let yourself go on that trip you've always wanted. This is the perfect opportunity to free yourself from your worries. With a lot of piso fares or cheap group travel packages that travel agencies are offering, you can already go to places on a tight budget. Go trekking in Mt. Pinatubo, soul-searching in Sagada or even exploring history in Vigan – anywhere you want. Just let go and have fun!

There are still a lot of things you can do this summer. If all were to be listed, this article would be endless. Now get up from your seats, go out, and make this summer the most memorable one! Woohoo!

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