Together with the much talked about ZenFone 2, ASUS will also bring all the accessories that's associated with the said smartphone here in the region. The following includes the ZenEar, ZenEar S headphones, ZenPower powerbanks, ZenFlash, LolliFlash and the official back / flip-covers for the ZenFone 2.

ASUS Zen Accessories Also Coming Here In The Philippines!
ASUS Zen Accessories, credits to the owner
Here's the pricing of some of the accessories mentioned...

ZenEar S: Around PHP 2,394
ZenEar: Around PHP 270
ZenPower: Around PHP 921
ZenFlash: Around PHP 818
View Flip Cover Deluxe: Around PHP 544
Lolliflash: Around PHP 407

I hope all of those accessories will arrive here in the Philippines. However, we are still not sure if that will be the case. Personally, I'm wishing to hear and see the ZenEar's and compare it against the competition, the Lolliflash that could be used even with non-zen devices and the ZenPower powerbanks.

What do you think? What accessory would you love to see here?
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