ASUS now joins the party of large capacity powerbanks. Dubbed as the ASUS 9600 ZenPower powerbank targets a lot of power users that consumes a lot of battery. It can charge most smartphones for 3 - 5 times. It has an elegant looking metallic finish and also uses three 3200 mAh battery with protection to keep it away from catching fire.

ASUS 9600 ZENPOWER Powerbank Announced!
Compared to a Mi 10,400 mAh powerbank that has 4 2,600 mAh cells, this device might be lighter and more compact. The said powerbank has four LED indicators, a full sized USB output and a micro USB input. It will also come with several colors that includes black, silver, red and cyan and can be protected using a rubber case.

There's no word about the official pricing yet. Hopefully they'll reveal it soon and be available here in the Philippines too.


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