YouTube recently had one of their biggest move of the year, they just changed their player for its videos and now uses HTML5 standard as a default on Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and beta version of Mozilla Firefox.

YouTube Now Uses HTML5 Instead Of Flash For A Faster And Better Online Watching Experience!
HTML5 x YouTube!
YouTube now streams with the use of HTML5!

As we all know, HTML5 has been the standard of the Internet as it it faster, more flexible and efficient. This move by YouTube might further increase the speed of their video loading time and close the gaps in HTML 5 support for a better web community.

What will be the effect of this to us?

The average users might not even notice the changes of this immediately except for the noticeable speed of video loading. Now let's expect this to be implemented perfectly on all browser and devices soon.

For developers and those who wanted to embed YouTube videos, you won't be using the <object> embed style anymore, instead <iframe> will be used.

For now this is better for the evolution of world wide web and us the consumer. Gone are the days where Flash is the king of internet videos.


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