For the past few days the Philippines has been privilege for a good visit by our dearest Pope Francis this January 15 - 19, 2015. It turned out to be the biggest event of the year in the country as of this date. As we all know millions of Pinoys all over our nation would love to get a chance to see and say a hi to the Pope during his stay. Fortunately, most of us might get that chance to see the Pope Francis in his final mass at 3:30 pm at the Luneta, Rizal Park concluding mass.

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In relation to that, we listed the things that you should bring and should not bring during the his final mass in Luneta, Manila for our safety and the safety of our beloved charismatic Pope Francis.

Things to bring...

1. Low Profile Gadgets - things like a budget to midrange smartphone or even a basic phone would do in this trip. If you want to take photos it is "advisable" to go and grab your old digital camera's as they're less eye catchy in the eyes of the thieves. Powerbanks might be handy as well in case you were not able to charge your devices.
2. Raincoats - it might rain, who knows the weather is very unpredictable these days.
3. Food - make sure to place them on a clear or transparent plastic bag
4. Adult Diaper - for those who cannot control nature's call.

Things not to bring...

1. Umbrella - for security reasons, bring hats instead
2. Backpacks - no idea why, but let's learn how to just follow the rules
3. Pocket WiFi - it's useless there as there will only be limited data
4. Deadly Weapons -  the security is going to be really tight so don't even dare to bring one or else you'll be jailed.
5. Alcohol
6. Monopods
7. Camera Drones
8. Pets - Now this is sad
9. Writing materials - pens, pencil, markers, papers
10. Liquors
11. Big Bags
12. Excessive pocket money

Overall, let's all wish for the safety of everybody. I hope all of us would have a good reflection and a stronger faith after this great event.

Did we miss anything? Please comment below for everyone's information.
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