According to reports and rumors, the next apple flagship will have a great improvement compared to their older releases. It has been said that the new iPhone 6S or 7 will go beyond 1 GB RAM for the 1st time in history as they will double it to 2 GB. Not only that, that RAM is said to be upgraded into a LPDDR4 RAM that has a better overall performance compared to the latter and will be supplied by Hynix, Samsung and Micron-Elpida.
iPhone 6S Rumors, Double The RAM And Better Processor!
Are we going to see 2 GB of RAM with the next iPhone?
Together with the upgraded RAM, the new iPhone 6S is said to have better processor and we might be able to see the new A9 CPU. The iPhone 6 is is also said to have a dual camera features and the force touch tech that can tell if you're putting some pressure on the screen.

Hopefully most of those rumors are true as I want to see a better an iPhone with a larger RAM in the very near future. What do you think guys?


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