Awei is one of the rare companies that makes great sounding in ear monitors at an unbelievable price points. Last 2013 I reviewed the surprising ES900i that punches way about its asking price of PHP 350.00! Okay fast forward 2015, I received a more exciting offering from Awei the woody Awei ES-Q5!
The Woody Awei ES-Q5 Review, Awei Gets Cheaper And Better!
Awei ES-Q5 Review

  • Size: 8.3 X 12.5 mm;
  • Weight: 13g;
  • Driver Unit: 11mm;
  • Frequency Range: 18-20,000 Hz;
  • Sensitivity: 116 + /-3dB (1000Hz, 0.5Vrms);
  • Impedance: 16Ω;
  • Cable Length: 150cm;
  • Connecting Plug: 3.5mm;
  • Packing Size: 150 x 73 x 38 mm;
  • Horn: φ 10 mm;
  • Horn Sensitivity: 103 + 3 dB;
  • Horn Frequency Response: 20 ~ 20,000Hz;
  • Horn Rated Power: 1mW;
  • Horn Maximum Power: 3mW;
  • Horn Impedance: 32Ω;
  • Current: <500uA;
  • Cord Length: 1.1 ± 0.15 M;
  • Diameter: 2mm;
  • Pins: 3.5mm, four-pin
  • Price: PHP 219.00


The Woody Awei ES-Q5 Review, Awei Gets Cheaper And Better!
Accessories of Awei ES-Q5
Accessory wise it doesn't have much which is definitely acceptable at this price range. It has the standard 3 sizes of single flange tips and a shirt clip.

Build / Style
The Woody Awei ES-Q5 Review, Awei Gets Cheaper And Better!
Gorgeous woodies!
The build quality and style of this little gem is surprisingly great! It has that woody body that's commonly found on expensive in ear monitors over PHP 2k, has that cloth braided cables for added protection and prevent tangles. Aside from that it also has that gold plated 3.5 mm straight jack. Design wise, it feels like an over 2K IEM due to that good looking wood finish with brass plated metal. Overall this should last for a while with proper care and usage.

The Woody Awei ES-Q5 Review, Awei Gets Cheaper And Better!
Gold plated 3.5 mm male jack
The Woody Awei ES-Q5 Review, Awei Gets Cheaper And Better!
The y splitter
Comfort / Isolation / Microphonics

When it comes to choosing the tips I've had a hard time at first. Until I chose the largest tip included in the package which served me really well. Comfort wise this has great comfort once you get the right fit. The isolation is above average too as I cannot hear the surroundings and the television in front of me right now. Now let's talk about the microphonics, this is one of the few in ear monitors that doesn't have cable noise even when worn straight down that'd definitely excellent!


When it comes to the sound department this IEM doesn't disappoint. It has that v shaped sound signature that should be the delight of rock fans. The lows can dig deep enough for my taste, it is not super bassy like Awei ES900i, has enough sub bass to wow most people even if it's a little boomy. The mids were quite okay to, not as good as the more expensive sets like the Philips SHE 3590 and Pistons 2.0, but this one has enough clarity to clearly hear the voices. As a v shaped IEM the highs of this set is also quite prominent as in this set which can be piercing at some points. Soundstage wise it has enough air on it though not as wide as the ES900i, the separation and microdetails is just on an average level which is understandable for the price.
The Woody Awei ES-Q5 Review, Awei Gets Cheaper And Better!
I'm liking it better than the bagis

For the price, this one is a no brainier top choice. I'm liking it even better than the more expensive ES900i and most in ear monitors under 800 pesos. Actually I like it even better than the coloud pop for example as it has less muddiness in its overall sound. So if you're looking for a throwaway backup to your expensive iem set, this could be your fun sounding alternative.

Available at: Droid Hero
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