While most of us think thank the next Mi flagship bang for the buck phone would be called Mi 5, there's a poster that suddenly appeared in the internet that suggest that this next device would be called the Mi 4S!

Mi 4S or Mi 5?
That move by Xiaomi is no surprise as they are known to hone their naming thru Apple ala iPhone 4S, 5S and etc. Moving on, the successor of Mi 4 is said to have formidable specs for the price! They're expecting it to have at least a 5.5 inch display or a 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560. It will also be powered by a 64 bit Snapdragon 810 processor with 3 GB of RAM and a 20.7 MP rear camera. (Could be Sony Lens) Aside from that it is also said to have the hot fingerprint scanner, a sapphire glass display and a black version of the phone.


  • Display: 5.5 inches or 5.7 inches at 1440 x 2560 Sapphire Glass
  • Processor: 64 bit Snapdragon 810
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • ROM: ???
  • Rear Camera: 20.7 MP
  • Front Camera: ???
  • OS: ???
  • Battery: ???
  • Connectivity: ???
  • Dimensions: ???
  • Others: Finger Print Scanner
  • Price: ???

The bezels of the phone is said to have the thinnest bezels too. Overall, Xiaomi has been teasing this phones as the best in the world. So now the waiting game starts as we are all excited to see what Mi 4S or Mi 5 is all about. Hopefully this will be in the Philippines ASAP too.


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