Dubbed as a smartwatch as a smart price, Alcatel OneTouch just had this interesting smartwatch in their press release for the upcoming CES this January 2015! It has an elegant traditional design that looks like a rounded watch similar to the Moto 360.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch, An Interestign Budget Smartwatch Since Moto 360!
Cool design!
An interesting smartwatch since Moto 360...

Alcatel is aiming to get a new market segment with this smartwatch too. They will be pricing this one at just a fraction of the competition to make it very affordable for everyone. The smartwatch is destined to be good performing too, Alcatel said that they'll be equipping the smartwatch with a lot of sensors and apps that allows the users to monitor daily activities, connect it to your Android smartphones to control musics, take photos, to receive notifications and many more.

What I like about this is its traditional look. Alcatel said that they will offer a series of this smartwatch with fine finishing to meet the demands of almost every one. We do not know yet the exact specifications of the product, that's why we'll stay tune for further annoucement to find out what is this all about.

What do you think of this new offering from Alcatel? For me its really cool! Hopefully we'll see this one in the Philippine shores soon!


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