What excites me a lot during the event earlier by Xiaomi is the announcement of the Mi Headphones! The Mi Headphones is a pair of semi open headphones that is said to have audiophile grade sound quality!

Mi Headphones Announced! A Budget Grado Killer?
Mi Headphones
This one is surely inspired by Grado's design...

The interesting part of this headphone is it builds on the success of the Mi Pistons 2.0 / 2.1 as it uses the same material with its 50mm large beryllium diaphragm drivers. Aside from that this headphones has an interchangeable over ear or on ear covers and a durable braided kevlar fiber cables. It has a low impedance at just 32 Ohms that makes it playable even by just using your smartphone. The expected sound signature of this headphone is said to have a natural, balanced and an airy wide soundstage.

The expected price of this high fidelity headphones is said to be at just PHP 3,590. What do you think of this guys? How will it fare against other budget audiophile cans? Share your thoughts below.


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