Xiaomi earlier today released An all in one solution for your theater needs for $30! Yes for 30 bucks you can have your own portable theater using it when you travel to certain places, at home for easy migration or maybe someone hates pesky bulky media theater players. 
Is that a power adapter or a theater device? Now I'm confused!
While Xiaomi throws in the new flagship phones and headphones they decided to throw this in for us to see the evolution of the miniaturized streamer technology. The device is very much the same as the USB Charger by mistake, You might even bring this in instead of your USB Charger. :)

Something Familiar?
Miniaturized Component Design  
Hand Check!
This device though it's on miniaturized state, It runs on Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) at 1.3GHz Quad core (4-Cores) A7-Cortex MediaTek Microprocessor, 4GB of ROM (Flash Storage) 1GB of System Memory,  Wifi 2.4GHz Band / 5GHz Band making it Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Blutooth 4.0. Likewise it comes with Remote Control and other accessories (Perhaps HDMI Cable). Capable of Dolby Digital Plus, DTS 2.0 Plus and 1080p 3D video output. Sorry guys to burst the bubble, Mi Box Mini doesn't come with any storage input such as MicroSD or USB Port. The looks of this setup you might consider having a FTP or Media Server running inside the house or the area itself to make it somewhat complete.


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