Now Globe Telecoms seems to really want to build and see a better world. Starting this January 13, 2015, they will be starting to offer a free viber to all Globe subscribers across the Philippine Islands aside from their Free Unlimited Facebook offer that we already love.

Globe Has A New Treat For Us! Free Viber For Everyone!
Free viber! Hooray!
Viber People Rejoice! #ShareYourVibe

I'm sure this is going to be a great help to all those who loves to call and send messages using Viber. I'm just hoping that this promo won't slow down the internet subscription of those people who pay regularly just to have good internet subscription.

Overall this is another surefire hit from Globe that we should all watch out and we would like to laud the said company for this wonderful initiative that they pioneered. If this trend continues there might be a time wherein we do not need to pay for internet subscription anymore. :) Now that's a wonderful world! Cheers!


Globe Telecoms FB Page
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