As I previously reported yesterday. Sony will be announcing a new type of high-end walkman and we were not disppointed. They just released the follow-up to the lovely sounding walkman NW-ZX1 called the NW-ZX2 For Just USD 1.2K!

A New Walkman Was Announced! Checkout Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 For Just USD 1.2K!
ZX2 is now a reality!
It can play Hi Fi wireless music!

Hi Fi wireless streaming is something new, but you still need internet connectivity and there's still noise in the internet compared to local lossless audio tracks. It is a high resolution DAP that can play high fidelity music that's powered by Android 4.2 Jellybean and the S-Master HX Processor. Aside from that its key feature seems to be LDAC hi fidelity wireless music streaming that's one of the first in the market. Then this music machine from Sony also has Bluetooth wireless streaming capability, 128 GB of internal storage, NFC and 60 hours of music playback.

What I'm curious about now is if it is worth the asking price? If it will improve on the weaknesses of the ZX1 then this one is worth the asking price! Another thing that I would like to find out is, how will it perform against Astell and Kern AK100, 120, 240, the FiiO's, Hifiman's and the Ibasso's. I'm sure Sony did something special with this one to properly compete with the above mentioned players.

I'm excited to hear this one soon!


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