After the huge success of TTPod T1 and T1-E, TTPod is building up very well on that with the announcement of the TTPod T2! TTPod T2 is a triple hybrid iem that has One 10mm dynamic driver and 2 separate DA (ED-29689 and TA78801) unlike most dual TWFK drivers.

A VSD3 look a like?
The shells used with T2 has resemblance with the hit IEM of VSonic, the VSD3. TTPod T2 is said to deliver an audiophiles delight outstanding sound quality without focusing that much when it comes to bass. Right now several people are comparing this to other popular ultra expensive triple hybrid iems like AKG K3003.It will be released sometime this January and will have 4 color combinations during the initial release.


  • Drivers: One 10mm dynamic driver
  • Two separate BA (ED-29689、TA7801) (unlike others which use dual drivers like TWFK)
  • Impedance: 30 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 105db
  • Frequency Response: 8Hz~26kHz
  • Price: USD 99

The best part of this IEM is its pricing! Having that type of specifications and expected sound quality. This one deserves to retails even at USD 300 and TTPod just priced them at USD 99 (Around PHP 4.5K) which makes this an absolute steal!

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