Mi fans all over the world might be drooling to see this one, as they might be brewing something new for us! We just saw a phone that's inspired by Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, but this time Xiaomi took it to a whole new level! The poster showed a phone with the familiar Mi branding that has 2 dual curved edge!

COOL STUFF ALERT! Xiaomi Arch Beats Samsung Note Edge With 2 Dual Curved Edge Display?
Plain gimmick? Rumor? Reality? Concept? 
The first phone with dual curved edge?

We still don't have any idea on what specification this phone will have or if this will ever materialize. Some are suggesting that it could be a midrange phone ala Redmi Note with 64 bit of octa core processor and some are saying that this will be a fully pledged flagship device with ultra high end specs to directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Whatever it is, I would love to see a Xiaomi do something special like this. Knowing their specialty of giving the masses premium devices at a very low price point, this could be a sure hit to those who want a new style of phone.

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