As Xiaomi is expanding as one of the top brands in the World. People are speculating whether they will join the trend of electronic companies that are releasing smartwatches left and right.

A Mi smartwatch is coming soon!
So there will be a smartwatch from Xiaomi this coming April!

So Mr. Hugo Barra, the Global Vice President of Xiaomi answered the question if they will be releasing a smartwatch with a bang by stating that "we'll be absolutely amazed if you'd saw all the things". That statement by Mr. Barra left me in awe as they are now experimenting cool things on how to make this smartwatch really great!

What I'm interested right now is to know what will be the name of Xiaomi's smartwatch? Will it be a Mi Watch? Something like Xiaomi Smartwatch? Then the features and specifications of this device that will set it apart from other smartwatches.

Video here

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