While still patiently waiting the official updates about the Galaxy S6, the guys from 3G.co.uk have come up with a concept design of the Galaxy S6. That concept contains almost everything we want from the said new flagship phone from design, build, camera, softwares and specifications that's jaw dropping and mouth watering at the same time.

This Galaxy S6 Design Concept Is Mind Blowing!
Galaxy S6 concept design by Yasser Farahi
The concept design of the Galaxy S6 is made to be flagship in every possible way. They made it a drop dear gorgeous 5.2 Inches metal body phone ala Alpha with QHD resolution at 2560x1440 pixels and 564 ppi. The power behind is running a 64 bit Snapdragon 810 Octa core processor and a super gamer ready Adreno 430 GPU. 

It is also said in that site that the smartphone will be compatible with the Gear VR headset, 20 MP camera with 4K video recording support and a crystal cealr audio playback on its stereo speakers.

Watch the video here

If those specs will be a reality this phone could be the darling of the crowd which will stand out above everyone else.

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