There's a new smartphone showing up across various social media sites that sports a near bezel less design. They've been speculating it to be the next ZTE flagship phone the Numbia Z9. It is due to the home button that seems to be similar with ZTE's Numbia line.

That bezel - less design rocks!
There are also other people who claim that it could be a phone from an E-commerce site called JingDong. Based on the photos, it is not a too large phone. They're speculating that it could be around the size of 5.2 to 5.3 inches. What's intriguing with this phone is it have a no bezels with just an attachment of the metal frame to protect the screen.

Then if this is the new Numbia phone we are speculating that it could be powered by the next gen Snapdragon 805, 1080 displays, 3 GB or RAM as well as other features found in high-end phones.

Now the bezel competition is getting more and more interesting. :)


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