After Android One, Micromax is making the headlines again. According to a recent report, Micromax is planning to release a Cynaogen Mod powered phones soon! It is the same android modification found in the very popular One Plus One phone and Micromax is planning to duplicate its results.

It will be called the YU Series!

That naming seems to be a catchy one. Then as we all know the pricing of Micromax phones is identical to MyPhone. "their local counterpart" If that's the case with this YU Series, I'm quite sure that it will be a very exciting sure hit revenue making project to the masses who just love to modify their Android and have that pure experience. Now if Tinno Mobile is the manufacturer of this phone, there is a small possibility that we might see a MyPhone handset with Cyanogenmod too!

Right now all of these are just my personal speculations. I'll ask the executives of the popular local brand tomorrow to see what's their take on this and if they're planning to have a Cyanogenmod and Android One phones soon.


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