We are all excited in the next Android version (well, almost all of us especially Geeky Android users out there) which is known as of the moment as the Android L. While it is still a mystery on what could the next Android could be, we have some clues in which will most likely say that the next version of Android would be "Lollipop". The Android L would be given a major Graphical User Interface which is a big make over including it's animations and in the Operating System's efficiency especially in the power usage. Below are several clues which could say that "Lollipop" could be the next release.

Here is a video tweet by Google's Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai, it shows about the casting of the next sweet desserts lining up to be the next Android L. The following desserts were shown, namely the Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake, Lady Finger, Lemon Drop, & Oreo??? What is Oreo doing here? Would be surprised if they broke their naming tradition and out the Oreo as the next name version. LOL. Joking aside, Lollipop is not shown in the video which could possibly kept secret inside the room.

In the celebration of Google's 16th Birthday, they topped their birthday cake lollipops. Also the color layering of the cake seems like lollipop-ish color. Anyone speculating the next name of Android L would suspect it would be a "lollipop" or rather a strong contender is the "Lemon Meringue Pie."


In this another alleged screenshot taken from the Chromium Issue Tracker site as posted by a Google developer, a notification icon from the debug icon shows an Android head on a stick that looks like a lollipop. So far this is one of the best clue for the next Android L version name.
Debug icon shows Lollipop in the notification tray
I personally would want the name Lollipop as the next Android OS name as it's not just cool and a fun name for the next Android version but rather anyone in the world knows this sweet candy dessert treat unlike the other name contenders - Lemon Meringue Pie (I think in Asia this dessert is uncommon too), Lion (product from Nestle in the US) and Licorice (uncommon food in parts of the world too).

We can really never say for now the next version until Google announces it but in the mentioned above clues would hint that the next version would be the "Lollipop"! Woot!

What do you think the next Android version name would be? Kindly state in the comment section below!


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