Fast charging batteries is a must today, most gadget manufacturer keeps on upgrading into batteries that can really charge fast. However the longevity of battery is also important, so there are developers at Nanyag Technology University that's already solving that problem.

Fast Charging and Long Life Lithium Ion Batteries Soon?
Who's excited?
Durable batteries that can last up to 20 years!

Most of the time they life span of batteries only last for 2 or years. So the above mentioned researchers developed a new type of lithium ion batteries that can last for over 2 years! That's 10 times the battery lifespan of a normal battery of your smartphone, laptop or gadgets!

Aside from that...

It's an ultra fast charging battery! According to reports, the new lithium ion batteries can reach up to 70 percent charge in a matter of 2 minutes! The speed of battery chemical reaction is 10,000 charging cycles compared to the usual 500 cycles!

Here's the trick!

They used a titanium dioxide nanotubes for the negative pole (anode) instead of the usual graphite. That's the science behind the super long life and fast charging batteries they are developing.

More good news :)

Mini titanium tubes are easy to make and inexpensive! That makes this type of technology more appealing to use aside from the benefits we can get from it. 

What we don't know right now is when will this be readily available for the gadget manufacturers so that they can include it already with their latest releases. 

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