There's an on going project right now via indiegogo that's making waves in the internet. Axent Wear created an ultra cute headphones that is likely to appeal otaku people, cat people and anyone who likes cute stuffs!

The Cutest Headphones Ever? Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear!
Looks pretty cool!
It's the mother of Kawaii headphones!

The Cutest Headphones Ever? Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear!
A speaker and headphone in one?
It's an idea by 2 UC Berkeley Alumni to create this unique headphones that's never been seen before. It's actually a badass looking, glowing, unique cat looking headphones with 40mm drivers, removable cables and microphone.


  • Driver Size: 40 mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 Khz
  • Cable: Removable 3.5 mm male jack and USB Charger
  • Pads: Comfortable Ear Cushions
  • Others: Bright LED accent lights / Fully functional cat ear shape speakers
  • Price: $ 150 (


So Kawaaaaiii!

It's more than just a headphone!

Surprisingly, Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones also a speaker function so that you can share music with your friends! I just don't know yet how that works but that is a pretty cool idea!

I'm optimistic that Axent Wear headphones should sound just fine 
we are not expecting too much of this headphones right now. By the looks of it this good is too cute to pass especially for otaku fans and those who just want something cool to wear! :)

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