Yesterday, I went to the store near our house to buy a prepaid load for my dad. Then the usual extra 2 pesos charge was included with the load tendered. As a regular consumer I thought this is just right for the retailers to have more extra income. After that I receive a notification from Globe which made me realize that something is not right.

No More Annoying Extra Charge on Globe Autoload Max?
No more annoying extra charge?

I received this message: "Nabili mo ba ang load sa tama at walang patong na presyo? Yes o No? I-forward ang sagot sa 26621 for free.Ex: YES to 26621.Salamat"

If my interpretation is right, Globe is making this survey to prevent the retailers from charging extra 2 to 3 pesos per transaction. Though the income from reselling load is just small, there is no need to add an extra charge because they already have the planned income for the load retailers! "Pati hindi na sila lugi dun dahil may kita naman talaga sila na dapat dun" Lastly, it is also the right of the consumers to get their loads at the right price!

There was even a time that we bought a prepaid card worth 300 pesos, then the retailer charged us with an extra 15 pesos. To my assessment that is simply not fair because when you buy a 300 pesos prepaid card from the groceries there is even a 10-15 pesos discount!

Hopefully this will end the extra charge fee when you buy prepaid load from Globe.

Note: This is just my speculation

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