Few hours ago, the Listening Room Megamall announced the availability FiiO X1. FiiO X1 is one of the most affordable hi resolution music player that is said to be made for the young. The body of FiiO X1 is made out of brushed aluminum and the wheel looks like a vinyl version of the iPod's classic wheel.

FiiO X1 Now Available in the Philippines For PHP 5,590 Only (Limited Stocks Only)
Meet the gorgeous X1!

Some info about the X1 from headfi.org

1, Target M.S.R.P  US$100 in U.S. the retail price in other countries will depended on our distributor and different VAT...
2, Playback supported: almost same as X3/X5,  but it can't support DSD playback and work as USB DAC like X3/X5.
3, Size: 96.5 X 57 X 13.5 mm, Weight : 108g;
4, Build in Memory : None
5, Extend Memory : Micro SD card slot x1, supports up to 128g.
6, Audio out : LO and PO, no Coaxial out. The LO/PO will use the same 3.5mm headphone jack but switched by menu.
7, Micro USB socket.
8, output power: 70@32ohms and 120mW@16ohms
9, Screen:  2.0'' 320*240 TFT
10, DAC : PCM5142 from TI, OP: OPA2322, BUF: ISL28291
11, Power supply for amp section : +/- 3.3V not output capacitor.
12, Battery: 1700mAh.
13, Play time: > 12 hours.
14, The other features is similar with X5, includes gapless playback , cover display, playlist, EQ.
15, DAC: Texas Instruments PCM5142
16, AMP: ISL28291

The said player is the baby brother of FiiO X5 and the lower end version of FiiO X3! The audio performance of is said to be near the level of X3 with a little bit more emphasis on the lows. With the specs mentioned above, I'm excited to try this 192KHz/24 player really soon! Even the price is a bit higher compared to the $100 USD retail price and the stocks are limited as of the moment. We are quite sure right now is this is not your ordinary player and will be a surefire hit among the budget-fi market. So grab one now while there are still stocks! :)

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