Life Remixed: Zoe makes it easy to create memorable stories from your photos and videos.

Along with the Desire EYE and Re Camera, HTC also launches its Zoe App and has revealed that it will be soon available for download for iPhone later this year. The beta version of this App was initially released for Android devices months ago

HTC Zoe: Your gallery brought to life!
Previously an HTC exclusive app, Zoe is the company's first application to be made available across multiple platforms (Android and iOS). Zoe is an application the allows user to capture multiple photos (between 1 and 16 pieces of content), gives you the option to filter, add text or choose background music, then converts it into 3-second video for sharing. It's like an Instragram-like social network which videos can be shared to Facebook and Twitter, as well.

We are all excited for more HTC apps to be available for Android and iPhone in the future. How about you? Comment your thoughts below.

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