Snapdragon recently introduced their afforable LTE enabled offering, Snapdragon 210 as their answer to the budget LTE offerings of MediaTek. The SOC is set to have a quad core CPU with a Andreno 304 GPU which will support 1080p displays and 8MP sensors with Zero Shutter Lag and other common camera features.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 210, LTE for the masses soon?
Snapdragon 210
Qualcomm is also boasting the Quick Charge 2.0 technology where-in you can charge your battery up to 75% faster than before. With this initiatives made by competitors MediaTek and Snapdragon, we are expecting a huge set of new devices coming this mid-late 2014 to be LTE powered already.

Again the masses win as Qualcomm is targeting sub-$100 devices with the SoC. Right now the waiting game starts, but I'll definitely be patient as this would be a great update of the old Snapdragon 200. Hopefully, we'll see those devices on most of the Local and International brands in the Philippines right now.

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