Philips just announced that they'll be releasing a lightning version of the highly successful and really good sounding Philips Fidelio M1. Fidelio M2L, will have a lightning connector for that will bypass the internal DAC and AMP that will deliver high quality 24 bit audio. Fidelio M2L is expected to be priced at €249.99. (around PHP 14,251)

Philips Fidelio M2L, M1 Got A Lightning Headphone Version
A really sexy can!
First it was Beats then now Philips, currently this is a very bold move by the said company. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Apple devices, but when it comes to audio quality they make one of the best sounding smartphones in the land. So I basically believe that this will be a great product given the sound quality of it's non-lightning version I've tried before. As of the moment, I believe that this is a very good move by Philips as the world of audio keeps on evolving and more and more people will get exposed to high quality music though Apple Smartphones and Android as well.


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