The Perkins Twins Tennis Academy (PTTA) will showcase a tennis exhibition with Jesse and Christian Perkins, Nicole Amistad and Migs Cayetano, and will also provide free tennis clinics at the Tuguegarao Tennis Club - exhibition on August 16 and tennis training on August 17.
Perkins Twins Tennis Academy offers FIRST EVER tennis exhibition and free tennis training in Tuguegarao, Cagayan
Tuguegarao Talents and Perkins Twins Album Tour
Manila, Philippines:  The Perkins Twins Tennis Academy (PTTA) in cooperation with Head Philippines will be conducting the first ever tennis exhibition and free tennis clinic for beginner, intermediate and advanced players on August 16-17.  The exhibition will be led by ex-touring tennis professional Tarny Perkins and will feature California US Grand Prix Doubles Champions, Jesse and Christian Perkins, along with 16 year old tennis phenom Nicole Amistad.  7 year old Migs Cayetano will also showcase his junior tennis skills.  Jesse, Christian, Nicole and Migs all have roots in Tuguegarao.

The PTTA boasts visiting International coaches that add their expertise and latest training techniques to the Philippine tennis community.  This, coupled with the excitement generated by the International Premier Tennis League moving their First Leg to Manila in November, are acting as a catalyst to the booming popularity of tennis in the Philippines.  
"We saw so many great Filipino tennis players in the US but kept wondering why there were no world-class tennis players here in the Philippines," noted Director of Tennis for the PTTA, Tarny Perkins. "We discovered it was a lack of proper training, a lack of attention to the mind game of tennis, and of course there is 'politics'.  As a result, we opened in 2012, the Perkins Twins Tennis Academy at the Edsa Shangri-la, Manila.  The PTTA also started an Elite Tennis Training Program that is already producing winners from ages 6 - 17.

The tennis exhibition in Tuguegarao, Cagayan on August 16th will feature elite doubles tennis players and singing sensations (with hit song Ikaw Na by Vehnee Saturno), the Perkins Twins, Jesse and Christian.  The twins are Grand Prix doubles champions in California.  "Learning from the Younghusbands on how they brought soccer/football to the public's attention, we felt that if we could bring tennis to the forefront of tennis society also through entertainment, we could attract more players to the sport of tennis and help make a contribution where Filipinos become elite tennis players.  All that was lacking in the Philippines, was competent training, an adaptation to "powerful and confident tennis", the winning mentality of the kids and a groundswell of talent to grow the sport - and non politics."  The Perkins Twins were recently on Rated K where they showcased their tennis and singing skills.  And they gave tennis tips to  Ryan Bang and Paul Jake on Kaya Mo Bang show. 

Perkins Twins Tennis Academy offers FIRST EVER tennis exhibition and free tennis training in Tuguegarao, Cagayan

The tennis exhibition will also feature 16 year old tennis phenom, Nicole Amistad. According to Coach Tarny, "She's the real deal and has potential to take her game to the professional level.  I'd say she's the best I've seen in 10 years."  Also being showcased is Migs Cayetano. Migs is a left hander that already has the makings of the next Raffa Nadal. He is a tennis player to watch.  All of the players have roots from Tuguegarao, Cagayan. The mom of the Perkins Twins, Tess Pazziuagan-Perkins (Cathay Pacific Flight Stewardess retiree) was born in Tuguegarao.  And both Nicole and Migs are from Tuguegarao.

The Perkins Twins will also be kicking off their first Album Campus Tour entitled Para Lang Sa Yo prior to the tennis exhibition and tennis training clinics.  They will perform at the University of Cagayan Valley, St. Louis University and St. Paul University.  They will also perform at the Tuguegarao City Hall and participate in the Tuguegarao Grand Parade/Fiesta.

About the Perkins Twins Tennis Academy

The Perkins Twins Tennis Academy (PTTA) at the Edsa Shangri-La, Manila, provides world-class tennis and fitness instruction and training/tennis camps for all ages and all skill levels. As the first International Tennis Academy in the Philippines, respect, focus, faith and hard work form the foundation for tennis training with a goal to assist each athlete in achieving success through faith, respect and life skills, on and off the tennis court.

The Perkins Twins Tennis Academy (PTTA) is more than a tennis training academy. At the PTTA, we want our junior players to grow intellectually and physically to better cope with the demands of a younger generation of tennis players; to prepare them to become the future athletes and leaders of the Philippines.

The faces of the Perkins Twins Tennis Academy (PTTA) are Jesse and Christian Perkins, 20-year old Grand Prix Doubles Champions from California. The “Perkins Twins” as they are best known, are also singers, International fashion models and actors. The Director of Tennis for the Perkins Twins Tennis Academy (PTTA) is Tarny Perkins. He coached Jesse and Christian since they were nine years old in Menlo Park, California. Tarny was a touring tennis pro and developed the Perkins Model for tennis, which features a combination of mind strengthening and physical fitness where tennis players are trained to focus and hit the ball as hard as possible, without compromising good health and safety.

The Perkins Twins Tennis Academy (PTTA) fulfills a goal of the Perkins family to give something back to the Philippines. Having moved back to Manila to pursue tennis opportunities and also to enter Philippine entertainment, the Perkins family want to bring tennis to the forefront of Filipino society.

The PTTA recently hosted Tyler Brown, the assistant tennis coach at The University of California at Berkeley to lead elite training dills.

The PTTA brings awareness to the sport of tennis – a sport that Filipinos have the ability to both enjoy and excel.

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