Choosing a phone with very good DAC can really make a difference to the audio quality of your headphones and in ear monitors. Right now, more and more audiophiles are leaning towards the portability and functionalists of their smartphones so they're using it already as their on the go music player.

What is a DAC?

List of Smartphones with good DAC for Amazing Listening Experience!

A DAC, or digital to analogue converter, is a device that translates digitally stored information from a laptop, iPod or other such device into analogue signals, improving the quality of the sound and upping the volume in the process. -

Some of the phones with good DAC (UPDATE June 2015)

1. LG G3 Cirrus Logic (CS35L32)
2. Galaxy S5 - Wolfson DAC (WM5110)
3. Xperia Z2 / Z3 - Sony Chip
4. LG G2 - Wolfson (WCD9320)
5. Xiaomi Mi3 - Cirrus Logic (CS42L73)
6. iPhone 5S - Cirrus Logic (338S1117)
7. Nexus 5 - Wolfson DAC (WCD9320)
8. HTC ONE M8 - Unknown Really Good DAC
9. Lumia 1520 - Unknown Brand 4129086
10. One Plus One - Yamaha
11. Meizu MX4 Pro - ES9018 DAC (Probably the best sounding here)
12. Vivo XPlay -ESS9018 and OPA2604
13. Galaxy Note 4 - WM5110 (Exynos version)
14. ZTE Blade S6 - Unknown yet, but their claiming its Hi-Fi
15. iPhone 6 / 6 plus - Cirrus Logic (CS42L61)
16. Mi Note Pro -  ES9018K2M
17. Acer Liquid Z - Unknown yet, but their claiming its Hi-Fi
18. Samsung Galaxy S6 - Wolfson WM1840
19. LG G4 - Unknown DAC
20. ASUS ZenFone 2 - Realtek ALC5647

Oh wait in case you're in a tight budget here's some of the cheap phones with good Sound Quality

Local Phones

1. Cloudfone Thrill Series - Yamaha DAC
2. Cherry Mobile Flare HD - Unknown DAC
3. MyPhone Storm and Infinity - Unknown DAC
4. Starmobile Play - Yamaha DAC
5. SKK Lynx - Unknown DAC, but flat and detailed signature
6. MyPhone Rio 2 - Unknown DAC, but sounds very good
7. MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite - Unknown DAC, wide soundstage

Now choose wisely the phone that fits your budget! :)


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