The revolutionized reversible USB Type-C standard has now been finalized and soon to be rolled out, which should unshackle earth by cause of mis-plugging. Practically the size of a current micro-USB Type-B connector, it uses comparable rows of contacts on the inside part so that you can pushing it in either way around. USB Type-C is a version of the 10 GBPS USB 3.1 standard issue (faster than USB 3.0 / two times the speed), but reduced down for mobile devices. It will definitely support the USB Power Delivery specification to carry up to 100 watts of power, easily enough to power a laptop. Sadly, the new connector is not ready with the current USB standard, except attaching other converters. While there are no devices with USB 3.1 yet, it'll likely be standardized on most future laptops and mobile devices -- unlike its pricey rival, Thunderbolt connectors from Apple that is commonly used today.
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