Manila, 22 August 2014 – Music streaming service Guvera is now available in the Philippines offering users free, unlimited access to music from local and international artists. Guvera’s award-winning application is available for both iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web at

Guvera Now Provides Free, Unlimited Music Access to Users in the Philippines

Michael Wallis-Brown, Chief Commercial Officer Guvera Global, President and Managing Director Guvera Asia, said, “Guvera is ushering in a new era of music streaming by offering people an unparalleled music experience that’s simple and effortless – all they have to do is hit play. Our free service is like radio, but even better as it’s curated by our in-house music experts. Our goal is to keep our users immersed and engaged with new content, playlists and tracks on the platform.” 

Users can search and discover music on Guvera, as well as manage and share their own playlists. It also has integrated social features that allow users to follow friends and celebrities and access their playlists. 

Currently offering users millions of tracks, Guvera’s music catalogue is continuing to be populated with the best tracks from local and international artists. Wallis-Brown said, “We are always focused on supporting the local artists and industry while bringing the Guvera experience to life in new and exciting ways for our users.” 

Guvera Play is a free, ad-supported service that offers users the best expert-curated access to music with no costs or subscription fees on all devices, including tablets and smartphones. A unique feature of the service provides users with the ability to tailor a music experience based on their current mood, activity or preferences by searching for music using hashtags. Users also have the option to subscribe to Guvera’s premium, on-demand service called Guvera Platinum, which starts from as low as P149 per month.

In addition, Guvera has a worldwide partnership with Lenovo, which sees Guvera’s service pre-installed onto Lenovo mobile devices. 

“In our drive to provide consumers with the best mobile experience, Lenovo is always looking out for innovative services to complement our complete range of smartphones and tablets. Guvera’s digital music service brings a whole new dimension of on-the-go digital content to our mobile device users,” said JD Howard, vice president, Worldwide Business Development, Lenovo Mobile Business Group.

Guvera is also available in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the U.S. 

You can download it via Google Play and Apps  Store:

Guvera Now Provides Free, Unlimited Music Access to Users in the Philippines

Guvera Now Provides Free, Unlimited Music Access to Users in the Philippines

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