As a Beats by Dre hater (because of its super bad price for the sound quality before), I am surprised that one of the most respected headphone reviewers just placed Beats Solo 2 on the wall of fame of!  I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or having some hallucinations right now. His review stated that the new version of Solo is really very listenable and is priced just right! He even compared it from the common audiophile favorites like VModa XS and Sennheiser Momentum.

Breaking NEWS! Beats Solo 2 isn't Overpriced Anymore?
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Just a little background about Beats Solo 1

Make sure to watch this first! :)

Beats solo 1 is simply horrible, even cans from Philips that's worth PHP 1k is beating the hell out of sound quality alone. It is that bad for the price! Tyll even sacrificed his ears for the sake of reviewing it and warning the public about its amazingly bad sq.

Beats Solo 2 took that video as a challenge?

With Tyll stating that Beats Solo 2 can compete with the more expensive VModa XS and Sennheiser Momentum, I'm now speculating that Beats Solo 2 is now better than the common starter audiophile favorites like Superlux HD661, Grado SR60, Koss Porta Pro and Sennheiser 438! 

Last week, we have had a very quick listen with Beats Solo 2 at Octagon Glorietta and I find them to be better than the older version. However, I did not expect them to have really good rating at reviews like this! Okay now it's time for me to go to octagon megamall again and have a good listen to this one with an absolute open mind. I hope that Beats Solo 2 is really this good sounding and not overpriced anymore so that I would stop bashing it anymore.

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So what do you guys think about Beats Solo 2? Are they good enough to compete with the good headphones in its price range? Do you agree with Tyll that Beats Solo 2 redeemed itself?

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