Xiaomi's latest flagship phone is rumored to be released soon! I guess everyone is excited about this news as Xiaomi produces currently one of the best low cost high end smartphones in the world!

Xiaomi Mi4 Coming Up! July 22?
Here's some of the information we've gathered so far about Mi4!
1. At last there will be an LTE Version of Mi4!

2. Nobody is still sure about it's final specs.

The only details we know so far is it's expected to have at least 5 inches of screen, Quad Core processor with LTE, 1080p display and the camera is at least 13MP. (
Good job to Xiaomi for securing leaks!)

3. The body is made of METAL!

It seems like Xiaomi is gearing up for a really tough phone! (Hopefully it won't be too heavy)

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