Last June 11, Ayala Museum partnered with The Harish and Johnsen Group to level up more into the digital age by introducing a dynamic 3D Augmented Reality (AR) feature to supplement its popular Diorama Experience of Philippine History exhibition by using smartphones. It's cool to experience it on hand!

Sample demo of how the AR works using a smartphone
The dioramas, depicting iconic scenes in Philippine history from the pre-colonial period to self-determination, are part of the inaugural exhibition of Ayala Museum when it opened in 1974. They were designed to be a comprehensive visual narrative of the story of the Philippine people in a way that compresses extensive research on the events, architecture, costumes, technologies and topographies of the times they represent.

"An iconic part of childhood for many a Filipino thanks to school tours and family visits to the museum, the Dioramas were envisioned to be a compelling way to tell the rich history of our country," described Mariles Gustilo, Senior Director for Arts and Culture of Ayala Foundation, Inc.

The Ayala Museum AR app is downloadable via Google Play
Through the new AR feature conceptualized, designed and developed by Harish & Johnsen, further supported by Globe, Avida Land, and Power Mac Center, users can now rent special AR units in Ayala Museum to use within the Diorama Experience of Philippine History exhibition. When the device is placed in front of one of eighteen AR-ready dioramas, these historic scenes will be brought to life by exciting animations, realistic sound effects, and voice narrations.

"We’ve given the Diorama Exhibit a whole new experience, not only by combining but actually bridging the gap between traditional arts and sophisticated science. We are not just revolutionizing the experience but we are actually witnessing evolution unwrap itself right before our very eyes, at the palm of our hands – literally. And it is here at the museum." said Shirah Ragos Segarra, Vice President of The Harish & Johnsen Group.

Joy Pena (Ayala Museum), Jhoanna Serrano (H&J) & Shirah Segarra (H&J) 
It is the first 3D-on-3D augmented reality feature offered by a museum in the Philippines and Asia.

“Today, with our partnership with Harish & Johnsen and the use of the fascinating technology of Augmented Reality, I am pleased that we have been able to contemporize [the dioramas] and so continue to fulfill our mandate for generations to come,” mentioned Gustilo.

Close up view of what can you see in the VR app, basically its visual effects and narration from the app which is really cool
"We are proud and honored to share with Ayala Museum one of our core digital solutions," said Jhoanna Feliz Serrano, President & Marketing Director of The Harish & Johnsen Group. “We hope the new Diorama Experience in Augmented Reality can strengthen the Filipino’s appetite in imbibing our history, culture and nationalism.” 

"More than just claiming a pioneering stance in both platform technology and art category, the Ayala Museum and The Harish & Johnsen Group partnership purports to create a collaborative fusion of the arts with the evolving digital technology era," added Serrano. 

The lady here is testing out the app using her smartphone to point at the diorama
Production of The Diorama Experience augmented reality application was further made possible by the support of brands aligned with the objectives of the project. Globe saw this rich experience as a unique and meaningful way of catering to the digital and increasingly mobile lifestyle of its subscribers, one that's espoused by its Globe myLifestyle Plan. Likewise, Avida Land believes that advocating these one of a kind experiences with art, Philippine history and culture will ultimately add to the vibrant lifestyle that comes with residing in any of its properties, specifically within Makati for its partnerships with Ayala Museum.

Even old ladies & children can use the app very easily
The new dynamic 3D augmented reality feature was publicly launched on June 12, 2015 during the 117th anniversary of Philippine Independence. During the day of the event, Globe postpaid subscribers were treated with free Ayala Museum admission and were able to download a free version of the AR application, while prepaid users were afforded huge discounts in entrance fees. Avida Land also participated in the public launch by providing free AR-ready devices for guests to try out the museum’s latest mobile feature.

Visitors may now rent units for Php 95 at the Ayala Museum ticket counter to try the augmented reality feature.

List of Augmented Reality Ready Dioramas

01        Cagayan Valley Life
04        Pottery Making in Bicol
05        Rice Terraces
09        The First Mass in the Philippines
10        Battle in Mactan
18        Kudarat’s Defense
23        The British Occupation
34        The Revolution Against Spain Begins
35        The Execution of Rizal
39        Proclamation of Independence from Spain
43        American Occupation of Iloilo City
44        The Battle of Quingua
49        Surprise Attack at Balangiga
50        American Reprisals in Samar
51        A Scene from a Zarzuela
55        Japanese Forces Occupy Manila
57        The Death March
58        Guerilla Activities Against the Japanese

Learn more about the event and features of the project at 

Ayala Museum regularly introduces new multimedia features to sustain and renew interest in the exhibition which has since been enjoyed by more than a million museum visitors. In 2004, an audio visual presentation on Martial Law and the EDSA People Power was added to the exhibition to continue its historical timeline. Updated audio guides were released in 2009, which have been upgraded to iTouch units through the generous donation of Power Mac Center in 2013. They have donated additional gadgets specifically to use for Ayala Museum’s augmented reality feature this year.

Galleon dioramas at the museum, they said they'll include it into the VR app soon, pretty cool huh? 
Users can also virtually visit the Ayala Museum dioramas through the Google Art Project ( and via the Google Cardboard app available in Google Play and displayed in Globe GEN3 stores.

Ayala Museum is located at Makati Avenue corner De La Rosa Street, Greenbelt Park, Makati City. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM. For more information, visit or email or call (632) 759 82 88.
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