Techno Tamashi is a new comer in the headphone scene and has recently released several good models that's said to be good sounding for the price. Techno Tamashi sent us TH-T1 Tracks for review to find out if it's true and we are happy to announce that it was a pleasant surprise!

Techno Tamashi TH-T1 Tracks, The Unexpected Performer Review


Techno Tamashi TH-T1 Tracks, The Unexpected Performer Review
For a PHP 1,000 can Techno Tamashi nailed a game winner here! The packaging was really good and comes with a very gift-able box. Actually based on experience, there are very few headphones that have this type of packaging! The box contains the headband, earpieces, cables and the a free 3M tape for a more secure hold of the earpieces.


Driver: 40mm
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHZ
Sensitivity: 108dB
Cord Length: 1.2 Meters
Plug: 3.5mm

There are certain features of this headphone that's really remarkable:

Techno Tamashi TH-T1 Tracks, The Unexpected Performer Review
The headphone that could be detached from cables to earpieces!
1. There is no more LEFT and RIGHT markings!

This is a common hassle when you wear your headphones as you always tend to look for the correct position of your earpieces. TH-T1 was pretty innovative here as it utilizes a no more left and right markings that won't affect sound positioning! Honestly, this is a good thing! Headphone manufacturers, take note.

2. Detachable Ear Pieces

Aside from Sol Republic Tracks this is the only headphone that I've seen to have this feature. The only characteristic that I don't like with this, is sometimes it tends to fall off so easily. Fortunately, they included a special type of 3M tape for added grip! Great Job Techno Tamashi!

3. Detachable Cables

There are still few headphones with detachable cables. This feature is very good as you can just look for a replacement cable when you break your cables. A detachable cable means you can customize the cable and sound of your headphone as different cables carries different sound characteristics.


Note: Everything I will write here is merely based on personal experience and opinions

Build Quality

Techno Tamashi TH-T1 Tracks, The Unexpected Performer Review
Check out the modern look of the earpieces!
It is actually decent for the price! Given its all plastic compound, I definitely feel that they are using a durable type of polymer here. The earpads quality is also very good and I feel that this will last for quite sometime. On its headband, there is a soft cushion which have the same material on its pads which is rare for a headphone with this very low price!

Techno Tamashi TH-T1 Tracks, The Unexpected Performer Review
The detachable flat cables!
As most people know, I am not a fan of flat cables because I find them annoying and noisy- though it's easy to use because flat cables are tangle-free. Fortunately, this cable is detachable, so I can just replace them with my favorite DIY cables or Superlux cables anytime I want. :)

Design and Functionality

Techno Tamashi TH-T1 Tracks, The Unexpected Performer Review
Futuristic elegance here!
Design wise, it is really similar to Sol Republic Tracks and could be basically the same as they also carry the tracks' name. I find this one a very fashionable can. I love its all white color that presents a very clean hip look! As a portable can, this one is also excellent because this is actually one of the smallest 40mm driven closed headphone that I've seen. It's not also that bulky compared to my Audio Technica SJ33!

Comfort and Isolation

Techno Tamashi TH-T1 Tracks, The Unexpected Performer Review
Softy Pads!
Comfort wise, they're pretty comfortable for the 1st couple of hours then tend to tighten up as you wear it longer which can cause pain to the user. Maybe it's still new and my head is still adjusting. However, I'm sure that could be remedied overtime as the plastic tends to adjust to the head of the owner.

In regard to the tight clamp case, this portable can produces superb noise isolation! This is actually one of the best isolating portable can that I've ever used! It can provide IEM like isolation and I find this one to even have better isolation than some of the popular IEMS like Soundmagic E30 and Monoprice 9927! Compared to its competition, I must say that this one puts ATH SJ55, 33, 11, Superlux HD661, HD572 and others to shame! When wearing this on the streets, please be sure that you are alert of your surroundings. :)

Sound Quality

Note: All songs used were in lossless format

This is a FUN can! Even this headphone is not on the HIFI category yet, I must say this one sounds excellent for the price! For just a thousand of pesos, I'm quite sure that fans of boom boom pow heart thumping bass cannot go wrong here! It's sound signature presents a slightly boosted warm and smooth, but tight bassy signature that hits very low and have that sub-woofer type of mid bass presentation.

Vocally, I'm surprised that it still maintains clear sound even though there's a little bass bloat that covers the mids. Instruments sounded just okay and provides average texture that is really good for casual listeners. To my ears TH-T1 performs on the same level of Urban Ears Plattan and Marshall Major plus based on my memory, this is surely better sounding than Beats Solo.

Even-though I'm not a fan of bassy cans, my ears adjusted well to this type of sound signature. I must say I'm really impressed to this can especially to bass heavy tracks and pop. For other genres, especially rock and classical this lacks treble emphasis and energy because highs is not the strong point of the can. Soundstage - wise I didn't expect that much from this based on its small body and pads, but fortunately soundstage was average and better than expected.


Excellent lows, Innovative Design, Basshead Done Right, Detachable Cables, No Left and Right Markings, Price, Customization


Flat cables (Not a fan of flat cables, I may be biased here), Treble Light (I guess they intended this to be like that as they cater the hiphop and club market)


It is the 1st time I've seen this much feature at this price point and even beyond that price! Though it's still not on the hifi level, this one is already good sounding enough to be the perfect alternative for the beats by dre and soul by ludacris crowd for a super low price! Aspiring DJ's should strongly consider getting this one as it packs a lot of bass punch and produces good mids! Overall it's a really good buy!


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