Spiderman has some very wonderful story arcs and for 50 years we enjoyed seeing this webcrawler in comics, tv shows and movies. 

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Here are some stories that made the amazing webcrawler Spiderman who he is now:

The Night Gwen Stacy Died (ASM #121-122)Some Great Stories from the Spiderman

Who doesn't remember Gwen Stacy? The recent Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spiderman 2, also shown this very memorable event in Peter Parker's life. This event even made him a much mature person.

Venom (ASM #300)

Some Great Stories from the Spiderman

Venom, the symbiote clad villain. One of the most iconic villains in Spiderman's crime fighting career. He is an Anti-Hero who looks like a big black evil Spiderman. After this action-packed encounter, Venom became one of the recurring villains in Spiderman.

Dying Wish (ASM #698-700)

Some Great Stories from the Spiderman

One of the turning points in Spiderman, when Doc Ock switched minds with Peter Parker, this made Doc Ock the Superior Spiderman in Peter Parker's body while Peter Parker died in Doc Ock's body.

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