A mix of both technologies? Why not? I've been dual booting windows and Linux for years now and that will be the very same concept in this project. Is it good? Yes! Is it exciting? Another yes! For now I know this is just a concept, but everything starts with a concept right? Could this project be Nokia's way to salvage their company? There's a lot of questions that will be answered very soon. Fortunately, as far as I'm concerned all of us will be the winner if this project pushed through. Exciting right? :)

Now Microsoft and Nokia, its your turn to make this a reality! Cheers! We'll keep an eye on this for sure!
Nokia, to have Dual Boot Android and Windows Devices
Based on the poster, the Nokia Powerranger will be featuring dual boot technology (Windows 8.1 + Android KitKat 4.4).  The device features a 5.1-nch IPS display, Qualcomm Snapdragon prcessor, 64 GB Internal storage up to 512 GB, 4GB of RAM, 24.2 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera.
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