After we unboxed MyPhone Agua Storm in our previous article, we have had our chance to further test it for our review. Though we found some performance issues with this phone, there is one bright spot that makes it a steal at P 2,799!
So, here's our full review! Oh, by the way we are giving this one away at the end of the article!

MyPhone Agua Storm Review: A Very Good Budget Music Phone


As usual from a MyPhone Package, you'll get a USB charger, the adapter, free 8 GB memory card (though this one is not included in the package since it's only a freebie unit from MyPhone) and the stock earbuds. Oh by the way its earbuds didn't have left and right markings.

Build Quality and Design

MyPhone Agua Storm Review: A Very Good Budget Music Phone
Sexy back design that shows the MyPhone Logo and speaker
Aesthetically, this phone has the reminiscence of MyPhone classic A919i. This nicely built phone has a stylish overall Samsung-looking design. The plastic seems to be durable enough to resist daily abuse with moderate handling and care plus it feels more solid and sturdier than an old MyPhone flagship A888 duo. The storms also sits pretty nicely and comfortably (have a nice grip) while holding it in my hands.

MyPhone Agua Storm Review: A Very Good Budget Music Phone
Bezels of the phone is a little thick, but hey that's fine. It feels good on your hands!
The screen doesn't seem to be scratch resistant, but I'm pretty much sure that this is made out of good material as I've experienced dropping some other MyPhone units faced own without having them broken. Of course it would be a pleasure if the company included a screen protector and a case, but at this price point, I have no complaints at all. Hats off to MyPhone for making a unit this nicely built at this price range.


MyPhone Agua Storm Review: A Very Good Budget Music Phone
Hello MyPhone Boot! :)
Based on CPUZ MyPhone Agua Storm have a decent pixel density of 240ppi. At 4 inches only and at this price point, I have no complaints on its screen display quality as it presents the colors and of photos and videos quite decently. Another thing is that pixels are hardly noticeable with the Storm. 

Sound and Call Quality

Based on my personal opinion and observations, the speaker was actually loud and decently good! The sound output was clearly better and louder than expected and it doesn't distort even at high volumes. Amusingly, it turned out to be better than most smartphones on this price range. To my ears it's on par with MyPhone Infinity and better sounding than Starmobile Play that uses a Yamaha audio chipset! (What kind of sorcery is this?)

MyPhone Agua Storm Review: A Very Good Budget Music Phone
The volume rocker! 
I was in a complete state of shock when it was able to drive the high powered 668b of Superlux. The sound signature was very balanced and decently detailed straight out of its stock music player! What caught my attention is its very wide presentation of soundstage that makes you know where the instruments are actually playing especially on live tracks! (What more if you install some good quality players) Greaaaaaaaat job MyPhone! I will surely miss this phone as it redefined soundstage which was a very pleasant surprise. :)

Settings used: EQ off and other enhancements, just using the stock android player, all the music files were in flac lossless format.


As usual MyPhone delivers a close to stock Android with very few pre-installed apps. This is good because it makes your phone perform better and faster as there are very few bloatwares. Honestly, this phone is good enough for daily calls, text, facebook and instagram. Since the OS is already Android 4.2.2, the phone runs smoothly. Another good thing here is it packs an MT 6572 at 1.3Ghz which is better than the older Mediatek dual core phones. Yet, don't expect it good enough for multitasking at its ram is quite low at 256MB only. 

Unfortunately, the user will surely need a memory card because the internal storage is only 512 MB. Thanks to the free 8GB memory card, you won't need to purchase anymore. (Unfortunately, the free memory card is not included in the package since it's only a giveaway unit). Gaming on Storm is also decent on most average games. Just make sure that you don't have any other apps open as it will crash due to its low ram.

Antutu Benchmark

MyPhone Agua Storm Review: A Very Good Budget Music Phone

For a dual core device, it scored higher than the older generation of MyPhone devices such as the A888 and the A848i. That is a good thing as it needs to be a little faster with the processor to compensate its lack of ram.

Battery Life

At 1600mAh and just a 4 inch display, I expected the storm to last for more than a day of average usage. I was right and pleased to confirm that after I tested it. Another good thing about this phone's battery is the very low battery drop! 

Camera Test

The Storms rear camera quality is not its strong point which is pretty understandable at this price range and do not expect it to perform in low light conditions. There are noticeable pixelations in the photos too. However, it still provides decent shots when you have good lighting. One good thing here is even it's front cam is only at 0.3MP, it can still shoot good photos.

MyPhone Agua Storm Review: A Very Good Budget Music Phone
Selfie Cam with DJ Celine!
MyPhone Agua Storm Review: A Very Good Budget Music Phone
Rear Camera

- Excellent Sound Output from Headphones
- Price
- Build Quality
- Android 4.2.2


- 256MB Ram Only
- 512MB Internal Memory Only
- Not that good rear camera
- No left and right marking for the earphones


GREAAAAT for a daily music everyday budget phone! If you love music but you're on a tight budget this phone would be a good substitute to some music phones with a high price point. Though there are some flaws like its low ram and internal memory, this phone is still a performer at this price range and a solidly built one (knowing MyPhone's usual good build quality and after sales service).

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