Are you in search of a powerful portable powerbank with lots of mileage? Before that was nearly unimaginable, but with the technology today that's not impossible anymore. We were given the opportunity to test Ekopack 9600 which can charge really fast, have lots of mileage, and packs impressive power output! 

Ekopack 9600, a Power - Packed Powerbank!
The external hard drive looking ekopack 9600! :)
Unboxing and Accessories

Ekopack 9600, a Power - Packed Powerbank!
Unboxing time!
Ekopack 9600 packaging isn't as good as its baby brother Ekopack 3000, but it doesn't matter that much. Ekopack 9600 surely packs good package as it presents wide array of tips which includes connectors for nokia, older idevices, lightning connector for idevices, micro usb and mini usb. You also get the charger cable with female port where-in you can attach the tips you like and the user guide

Ekopack 9600, a Power - Packed Powerbank!
Pick your choice!
The only missing part here is they forgot to include a usb ac adapter, so that we can charge the device anytime we want. Overall, the packaging and accessories included were all very good and in very high quality.

Build Quality

Man, what else can I say. What you see is what you get! It is a very premium looking powerbank and I'm instantly in love with it. The casing showcases a rubberized matte feeling that's not a fingerprint magnet and the overall body feels really solid that would definitely last! One con of a power-packed powerbank is its weight. The devices feels a little too heavy for users who chooses portability over power, but with power users like me I have no complaints at all.


Ekopack 9600, a Power - Packed Powerbank!
There you can see the on and off button, the power indicator, 5V in and 5V out
Really good! Unlike other high capacity powerbanks Ekopack 9600 charge time is just around 12-14 hours unlike other 10,000 mAh powerbanks which feels like forever to charge. :) That is a great thing! One noticeable aspect in terms of performance for Ekopack 9600 is it can charge really quick compared to other powerbanks output as it doubles the power at 2 amps! Based on my experience when charging a 1800 mAh phone on a regular charger it takes me 3.5  - 4 hours, but when using Ekopack 9600 it only takes me around 2 - 2.5 hours of charge time and that's impressive! Then when I'm using Ekopack as a power source for my wifi dongle, it feels like forever and it seems like it wouldn't run out of power for an entire day!

The result of it's 2 amp power output is it can charge even an ipad and any other tablet with ease. The only flaw I can see (other's don't even consider this one a flaw), is I cannot charge my devices when you are charging the powerbank itself.


Even Ekopack 9600 is a bit pricey at P 1,400.00 I can definitely say that it is worth it! Power users will definitely enjoy this as it packs a lot of power for a device that have a lot of charging mileage. A huge thumbs up for Ekotek for making a device like this!

Update: I just noticed that Ekopack 9600 uses Li-pol battery which means the power is more stable and dense!
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