Yesterday, LG unveiled their follow-up to their highly successful previous flagsdhip LG G2, called the LG G3! G3 packs a lot of new innovations to smartphone from super high definition screen, a first in camera technology (Laser auto-focus), High - Definition audio playback capability and etc. My God! LG is bringing the house down once again!

Okay based on their website, lets take a closer look to LG G3!

Yes, Simple is the new SMART

LG G3 Released, The New King of Smartphones?
Definitely mouthwatering!

G3 came up with a refreshed UI and look even at 5.5 inches it still looks pretty handy and as still not described as a phablet by LG.

Laser Auto-focus?

LG G3 Released, The New King of Smartphones?
What kind of sorcery is this? 
This new gimmick or innovation by LG could be the main selling point of this phone if it performs way beyond expectation. For more info about laser auto focus system Click here.

Quad HD Display

LG G3 Released, The New King of Smartphones?
Gwapong gwapo dude!

Wow, LG finally was able to put up that monster resolution and imaging definition into their screen! Bravo Bravo! I wanted to get a hold of this one soon! Beyond HD indeed!


LG G3 Released, The New King of Smartphones?
LOL Front Cam now called Selfie! :)
I am left speechless currently by the specification of this beast! I just wished that the selfie camera comes up with a higher resolution and picture definition though. :)

Where's Quadbeat3?

LG G3 Released, The New King of Smartphones?
Meet tone infinim, is he a worthy quadbeat 2 successor?
LG decided to replace them with Tone Infinim Bluetooth Headset, created with the combined efforts of LG and Harman Kardon. Is that a bad move or a good one? I don't know yet, we'll all find out soon!

LG G3 Released, The New King of Smartphones?
Will it be a better version of this?

For those who don't know, Quadbeat1 and Quadbeat2 are both highly regarded in ear monitors in the audiophile community ( because of their outstanding performance at a very low price point.

Quadbeat 1 at $15-20 competes at the level of audiophile grade IEM's at $40-50, while Quadbeat 2 at $20-25 punches is way up the $100-150 category based on sound quality alone. I just don't know why LG decided to change that line with a bluetooth headset? Let's just hope that it will still sound at least at good as Quadbeat 1 knowing (as an audiophile) that Bluetooth headphones doesn't sound as good as the wired ones.

In conclusion, LG is really gearing up on taking the crown as the best smart-phone of 2014. We'll see in the coming days and weeks on how it performs against the best of the best in the world. Right now the specs are really really impressive and seems to be the leader of the pack today.

In advance, I'd like to congratulate LG with this sure blockbuster smartphone!

For the Source with more info:

Oh by the way this one is a very good website! Bravo LG!

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