The Monocle is dubbed as "more than just a speaker, more than just a handset and more than a speaker phone". Now what does that mean? It basically means that the Monocle is a speaker and a handset in one! It is also dubbed as the new way to enjoy your calls and music. 

Limited Edition Native Union Monocle Speaker Review & Giveaway
Wear it your way, any way. :)
Now that's a great innovation! It's really practical as well. It has a cool feature wherein you can transform your handset into a speaker and you can connect your Monocle with other 3.5mm male jacks as well (I mean shared music). Oh, by the way this one is a Limited Edition Model. :)

Geeky Pinas is fortunate to have one of its Limited Edition units for review and giveaway. So now lets proceed to the review by myself and one of our resident audiophile Jerome Matthew Animos.

Oh by the way there is a giveaway below so keep on reading... \m/

Build Quality

Good! It was all made of premium materials and does't feel cheap at all. I love its nylon reinforced cables it's not so thick yet it feels durable enough to withstand abuse. The pads have a really soft texture and feels very comfortable (I'd love to wear this one as a headphone, I hope there will be a headphone version of the Monocle)

Limited Edition Native Union Monocle - Geeky Pinas
Leather pads looks great on this mono speaker (Plus its comfy too)
Build quality wise these little speakerphone reminds me much of Urbanears and Marshall headphone build quality. It's 3.5mm jack is also fine but there is room for improvement. I prefer an all metal jack. :)

Limited Edition Native Union Monocle - Geeky Pinas
That braided nylon cable is such a beauty! :)

Overall the Monocle was solidly built, most of its parts are great to top in quality and looks very premium and could take a lot of abuse unless force is applied.


The design of the Monocles is really unorthodox and weird as well yet I find it cool somehow. (Native Union is really known for innovative and unique designs) What I love about the Monocles are its two modes, the speaker and  handset mode wherein you just need to turn the volume knob in order to do it.

Limited Edition Native Union Monocle - Geeky Pinas
Oh there's the answering button that can also be your music control. :)
Limited Edition Native Union Monocle - Geeky Pinas
Just twist then boom, your handset / headset is now a speaker

Generally, the Monocle works on all devices with 3.5mm jack. Surprisingly this one works also for android devices, however you cannot use the microphone function to your computer, only the headphone and speaker mode will do. I wished that Native Union should have included an adapter for PC use, ala Soundmagic.

Limited Edition Native Union Monocle - Geeky Pinas

3.5mm jack for other audio devices (share your music) and micro usb for charging

Wearing Style

When using the Monocles you could wear and use the it in many different ways, you can hang it around your waist, neck, your bag and etc. It has that adjustable 3.5mm belt and bag loop which is pretty cool and very handy. Plus as a cable lover, I do find its cloth braided cables a looker indeed! Its USB charger a little bit too short but some may find that very functional depending on your needs.

Limited Edition Native Union Monocle - Geeky PinasHowever, in using the Monocles some may have a difficulty on turning this one as a handset for calls due to some tricky wearing style. Not that much of an issue though, most people will just get used to it.


Okay again this is the most important part of this review, its sound quality. Overall, the sound description of the Monocles tends to be a bright one. Meaning, there is a lot of emphasis on the treble side, its vocals are well presented though it lacks some little details and clarity in speaker mode as well as in headphone mode. Its mids sounded good and definitely on par with most speakers at this price range, however this speakerphone is not for those who seeks heart pounding bass due to its a little bass light feel. 

Loudness Test

We tested how the Monocle performed in different volumes. It sounded good on low about 80% volume, however we do not suggest the users to crank up the volume a little bit too loud because the sound will distort.

Microphone Test
Limited Edition Native Union Monocle - Geeky Pinas
The Microphone!
The microphone function of the Monocles is just fine, it can capture your voice clearly well. However it do have a little weakness, it appears that it needs a little bit more shielding for radiation we've observe a little bit feedback. Again, not that much of an issue especially on quiet places.

Mic Test :)

Overall the microphone quality is average in terms of clarity and audio recording.

Monocle Product Video

Want to see a glimpse on what it is and how it functions? Watch the video below!


The Monocle is a unique product, I love the way you can transform your handset / mono headphone into a speaker in just a twist. Though this one is not the best sounding speaker for the price, you are not only paying for the speaker but also for the handset function. Some may find this item odd and some would see this as a good idea. Overall the concept of this product is really good and is a must try for everyone who loves portability and functionality.

  • Native Union Monocle - P2250
  • Native Union Monocle Limited Edition - P2750

In celebration of our 100th post we are going to giveaway the Limited Edition of the Native Union by Monocle courtesy of Digits Trading.

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Native Union


A huge thanks to Digits Trading and their group for this review unit! :) Cheers!

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