Happy April Fools Day! Who wants to be a Pokemon Master?

Google recently gave their best edition of April Fools Day celebration yet! We are all given a quest to be the Pokemon master until April 2, 2014. How cool was that? Pokemon's are scattered all over the Globe today until tom!

Now that video made me drooooooooool!

Okay, so what are we waiting for? Let's get it on! Oh by the way, I do hope that this project won't just be an April fools celebration but a true project in the near future? Imagine yourself catching any wild Pokemon using Google Maps? How cool was that? Well I guess and in my opinion that could be one of the best games ever made! 

Thank you Google! You got me very excited! How about you? Happy Hunting Guys!

What are your thoughts about this exciting game? Comment below! Happy April Fool's day!
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