Are you running out of ideas on how to surprise your loved ones on Valentine's day? Worry no more! Here's a delicious and sweet yet affordable treat for your partner. I recommend you the Sweet Tooth Cupcakes!! Yayyy! 

Sweet Tooth Cupcakes
A friendly reminder from the owner of Sweet Tooth Cupcakes: Stay Sweet!!! :)

Sweet Tooth Cupcakes is owned by Dr. Louise Miclat, DMD,a newly licensed dentist. Yeah, you've read it right. She's a dentist. Now we know why it's called Sweet Tooth Cupcakes. Cool concept there!!!! :)

"Baking cupcakes started as a hobby. I tried experimenting with different flavors and have my family and friends taste them. They loved it so it gave me an idea for starting Sweet Tooth Cupcakes. I started taking orders late-June of 2013. I would have to say, the best-selling cupcakes are the Hershey's Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Nutella Hazelnut cupcakes. As of right now, I do not own a physical store. I only do meet-ups with customers in UE-Manila, UST, Katipunan and Commonwealth. Down the road, I would love to own a cupcake store so I could cater to my customers better. "

Louise Miclat, DMD


Their beautifully designed and delicious cupcakes comes in different exciting flavors. They have special and signature cupcakes that cost around 55- 65 pesos. See menu below:

Sweet Tooth Cupcakes


Sweet Tooth Cupcakes


We recommend these Sweet Tooth Cupcakes Best-Sellers:

Sweet Tooth Cupcakes
Speculoos Cookie Butter Cupcake
Sweet Tooth Cupcakes
Rainbow Cupcake with Cloudy Marshmallows
Sweet Tooth Cupcakes
Hershey's Triple Chocolate Cupcake
Sweet Tooth Cupcakes
Nutella ChocoHazelnut Cupcake

How to order?

Sweet Tooth Cupcakes

You may place your orders thru text/ viber: 0915-9096418, or send them a message via Facebook.

Please follow Sweet Tooth Cupcakes:
IG: @sweettoothcupcakesph 

We would like to thank Sweet Tooth Cupcakes for the sweet treat! The sweet tooth members of Geeky Pinas really loved it. Stay sweet too! :)


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