Monoprice is company well known to supply great quality products at the lowest price possible. They created some noise with their HDMI cables which are priced at a very low point and can go toe to toe with the very expensive Monster cables.

Monoprice 9927, Unreal SQ under 600 Pesos!

Monoprice 9927, Unreal SQ under 600 Pesos!
Meet Monoprice 9927, Tony Stark should see this IEM LOL

Last 2011, Head-fiers discovered Monoprice 8320, an IEM that performs the sound quality 10-20x above it's price point. Hype was on, and 8320 gained a cult following from Unfortunately, at that price point the IEM have some major flaws in comfort and fit. That made me hesitant to get these gems even at the very low price point.

Fortunately, I believe early last 2013 Monoprice updated their ever popular IEM to address those issues. They came up with a new model 9927 with matte rubber finish unlike the silver plasticky feeling of the old model plus some are claiming that they do sound better than the old model. That made me pull the trigger to get 2pcs 9927. One for me and one for my girl.

Impressions and Unboxing

Monoprice 9927, Unreal SQ under 600 Pesos!
Those drivers / speakers are unbelievably huge! As far as I'm concerned they have the largest single driver found in an IEM. :)
Packaging - A very simple one, but definitely better than the old monoprice packaging as they're now including 2 extra pairs of eartips.

Monoprice 9927, Unreal SQ under 600 Pesos!  It's Box above and Eartips included below

Monoprice 9927, Unreal SQ under 600 Pesos!

Build Quality - Pretty decent! I love the rubber matte coating on it's body. It also uses High quality plugs and Y splitter. Cables are coated with braided fabric which is good for cable protection. 

Monoprice 9927, Unreal SQ under 600 Pesos!
Looking pretty sturdy! :)

Comfort and Fit 

Way better than the old model, no more sharp edges and it's body doesn't feel that hard now because of the rubber matte coat. Fitting is not that tricky anymore, just make sure not to do deep insertion because you're gonna have a bad time. Plus according to Rin Choi it sounds the best when shallow inserted. I'm using stock largest tips or the large purple hybrid tip from VC02 for max comfort and seal. By the wau, 9927's could be worn straight down or over ear.

Sound Quality First Impressions

Personally, I was blown away by these beast! All the hype was true! I never imagined in my life that I could hear something so good at this price point! Overall it's better than all of the budget sets I've heard with the likes of brainwavz r1, beta, m1 - 5, Soundmagic es18, e10, e30, gr99, Mee m6, a151, Vsonic gr02, gr99 to name a few and etc. Bang for the buck at its finest indeed!
If I have heard these rockstars before I would have not bought any of my budget IEMS I have had.

Technically, these IEMS have one of the widest presentations, depth and amazingly great separation. Since it's a neutral IEM, Lows on these babies are deep enough and sub bass rumbles perfectly right. Overall bass is just right and doesn't overwhelm all the other parts of the music. What I love is its Mids, I don't know why but it seems perfect for my music taste. Highs is good though there's a little harshness.


MID-FI sound at Dirt Cheap PRICE! This is definitely one of the best sounding single dynamic IEM regardless of price when modded. Still have some minor flaws with its tangle prone cables, but that can be easily remedied by modding the IEM by replacing its cables. Oh by the way, if you're a newbie modder this one is the perfect great sounding cheap IEM for practice.

Where to get?

Note: Price range is 350 - 800 pesos depending on the seller

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