Are you looking for a basic budget phone that's packed with features? Then MyPhone B38TV Duo could be for you. It's a dual sim device that pretty much do everything that a phone should have.

MyPhone B38TV Duo Impressions & Review
Even the minions like this phone!
It's a perfect phone that have a Dual Sim Feature, Mobile TV, a decent 1.3 MP Camera, Micro SD Slot, MP3/MP4/FM Radio Player.

Now Lets take a closer look at what B38TV is all about...


Build Quality - Pretty Solid! It uses lightweight plastic with chrome finish but I bet that it's durable enough to withstand daily abuse (knowing MyPhones ability to build cheap yet durable products, I have had a MyPhone basic phone before that lasted for 3 years). Keyboard keys looks are fade proof and very soft (It's good for texting). The screen do need some improvement though.

MyPhone B38TV Duo Impressions & Review
Front View of B38TV Duo
MyPhone B38TV Duo Impressions & Review
The back side has the camera, speaker, Philippines map logo and in the bottom have the audio jack and the USB port!
Accessories - It comes with a free a portable wireless Bubble speaker, phone charger cables, and a free earbuds too.

MyPhone B38TV Duo Impressions & Review
Free Speakers! And its decent sounding :)
Battery Life - It lasted about for about 2 days with regular texting and listening to music. That's good enough! :)

Music Player - Pretty decent! :) It has enough power to drive even my ath sj33 and all iems I've in possession. I'm quite actually surprised in this category, MyPhone really knows to deliver good sound. This one is also a good mobile radio phone.

Mobile TV - It's quite okay just look for good signal then you'll be able to watch most of the local tv shows. It also have a TV recorder function. One tip, use the antenna!

MyPhone B38TV Duo Impressions & Review
Turn the radio on!
Camera - 1.3MP don't expect too much, but it's decent nonetheless. You may need good lighting to get some good shots. 

Usability - Perfect for driving, texting outside, going home late, a backup phone & a perfect decoy to protect your smartphone without compromising much.

MyPhone B38TV Duo Impressions & Review
What's inside? The slots for the two sim cards, SD card and the Battery slot.
MyPhone B38TV Duo Impressions & Review
When you charge the unit the side will glow! 
Also when you play music the light will glow with the beat of the music! Cool!

  • Storage: Expandable up to 8 GB via microSD slot
  • Rear Camera: 1.3 MP
  • Connectivity: WAP 2.0 / Bluetooth / 
  • Others: Mobile TV / Dual Sim / Beatlight  USB / 3.5mm Audio Jack / Beat light / FM/MP3/MP4 Player / Dual Band
  • Price: PHP 1,288.00


B38TV Duo is very cheap with the price tag of PHP 1,288!

Also there is another QWERTY version of this which is have the same specs - the QTV38 Duo, it has the price tag of PHP 1,388!


A perfect backup street phone that have most of the basic functions a regular phone should have. Even though texting while driving isn't encourage, this phone can do it better than smartphones in general. Like I said above, it's also a perfect decoy to protect you and your smartphones from the evils in the streets without compromising much.

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